Saturday, October 13, 2012


Hello all (LIKE there's SO many of you LOL). I'm baaaaack!! <-- pretend that's a goat sound, I'll tell you why later ;-)

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a year! What a crazy time it has been. UPDATES:

Lion lost is job, then graduated college (I'm SO PROUD of him!!!), then got a new job, then changed back to his "old" job, and now has a new job title and is effectively In Charge instead of being in a underling position within a much larger company. I know that that makes little sense, but there it is! He seems happy, which is awesome! No more plans for Law School, which quite frankly is a relief. No more trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to care for our family without him for yet another 4 years... nope! YAY

Tortoise is doing great... she's in 6th grade and I'm beginning to get longer and longer glimpses of the beautiful woman still buried inside a little girl. She's growing up WAY too fast for my liking, but the Lord knows I push her hard to be just a little more grown up than she was last week, or last month... She likes school, mostly (hates math... tell me how can ANYONE hate math?! I'm serious!! HOW??!! Math is awesome!). She's GREAT in the writing dept though (must have gotten that from Lion, cause you and I both know she didn't get any of that from ME... I've probably made at least 10 punctuation errors in the last paragraph alone! BTW, what the heck IS a semicolon for anyway?!). And just yesterday she was inducted into the Jr Beta Club!!! Wowee, my biggest little girl is one sharp cookie!

Elephant is chugging right along.... he's living up to his avatar -- this boy remembers EVERYTHING. He's in 3rd grade now and doing GREAT. Loves school, but again, hates MATH (repeat what I said in above paragraph HERE). *shaking my head* I just don't get it, maybe they just hate addition, subtraction, multiplication and division? I don't remember learning that stuff, I sure as heck remember algebra (NO FUN), and geometery (AWESOME - cue heavenly sounds), and Calculus ROCKS (rock music playing now).... I'll give them a chance, maybe they just want to move on to that fantastic little gadget called a scientific calculator (who doesn't love those?!). ANYWAY, back to Elephant. Elephant is a Boy Scout now!! AWESOME (more heavenly sounds)!! Lion has become an assistant leader, and he and Elephant attend the weekly meetings together (how fantastically awesome is THAT!). E is learning fun stuff like baking, tying knots, helping without being asked, wonderful stuff! E is also on the honor roll at school!

ZEBRA! My beautiful Zebra! Z is in 1st grade now and REALLY likes her teacher. She's just as goofy and all around ZEBRA as she has always been. I LOVE that she marches to her own drum and never allows anyone to MAKE her feel or do or say anything that ZEBRA doesn't 100% want to feel or do or say. Zebra doesn't really do math in 1st grade (why not?! start em young, they may like it more!), so we don't know yet if she's a math fiend like Mama Roo, but time will tell. Zebra is an artist! and a darn good one if you ask me (and you'd best believe me too, I'm her Mama, *I* should know better than anyone!). I'll have to post some of her more recent "work", it's surefire 500%... that's not nearly right.... maybe 1000%... or more?... better than some of the garbage posted in galleries these days. Be yourself sweetie, and never let anyone change you!

Monkey boy!! My darling Monkey is in Kindergarten!! He HATED pre-K, seriously! he did. HATED it. Don't ask me why... well, if you insist I guess I'll tell you... ALRIGHT be quiet already! I'm telling! sheesh. ok, so Monkey is a tiny bit of a Mama's boy. Just a little bit, mind you. A Teeny Tiny Itty Bitty Bit of one.... He simply didn't want to go to school without mama, that's all. Loved learning, loved playing with his new friends, but drop off time was murder. Poor little Monkey wanted to cling to the tree that is Mama Roo. We worked on that over the summer some, and he seems to have gotten over the worst of it. Getting good grades in school! My baby boy is growing up (maybe I should stop calling him my baby boy... hmmm... that may be contributing to the Mama's boy problem - remember it's only a LITTLE problem).

Oh my dear Vixen. Oh the changes that have been wrought in her are the biggest of all. Vixen was once almost more than Mama Roo could handle (geez, Roo, you've REALLY got to stop referring to yourself in the third person! -- oh no, it's 4th person now! STOP talking to yourself on your blog!). Whew, that's over, back to Vixen. :-) LOVE my Vixen, she's such a huge help in our new Zoo enclosure (yes, I know YOU don't know what I'm talking about!! Hold on a minute, I'm getting there I promise). She's ever so much calmer now that the new enclosure is growing and she feels that she is (at least partially) in charge of something so big. My little girl has become the proud "mommy" to a baby goat! She has named the little boy Aliosius (AKA Alec, but she rarely calls him anything but his full name), and he's the son of one of Mama Roo's goats (more on the Caprine Enclosure later). Monkey, Zebra, and Elephant all have little boy goats too (yes they're wethers - castrated boys, which makes them such great pets). And Tortoise has a little girl goat all to herself. ANYWAY, Vixen gets to help feed the goats, clean the enclosure, and make sure everyone has clean water every day. She tells Mama Roo whenever she thinks one of The Herd isn't looking or feeling well, and she's a very very good little Vixen Vet! The great thing is that the Caprine Enclosure has TREMENDOUSLY helped calm Vixen down and keep her on a more even "keel". Never knew that my venture would have such amazing results, but there you go!!

Sweet tiny baby Koala is growing up. She'll be 2 next month! My how time does fly! Koala is also in love with our little caprine friends, and gets mighty upset if i go out to feed them, or even just check on them, without her. She is forever talking to her little buddies, and LOVES grooming them each and every day. She's such a little doll. My Koala. What are we going to do next year when it's just you and me at home all day (Vixen will be going to Pre-K next year o_O)?! Will you miss all your brothers and sisters? I'm sure you will, but you'll still have all our little Carpine friends! Koala will get her very own goat baby next year (or the year after... when she's old enough to ask for one). My little cuddle-bug Koala is aptly named, she just loves to climb (yes literally CLIMB) up her Mama Roo and snuggle up, for an hour or all day! Hope she doens't lose that as she grows up.

whew! that's everyone!! Oh wait! I didn't talk about me ( I *certainly* talked enough TO me)?! Well, THAT'S for another post!! AND more too!! You'll never guess but the Far Far Away enclosure has moved not-so-far-away (or at least half of it has - the other half regularly comes to visit -- isn't THAT awesome?!).

And you'll NEVER guess what happened with the Bear Enclosure (hint... there  IS NO bear enclosure, there never was...). Well, I guess you didn't need to guess now did you?! I already spilled the beans.. oh well. Forget the bears, they don't exist, better even, they never did, HA! That's ALL I'm going to say about THAT.

~~Mama Roo of Giggle's Zoo

and YES I DO KNOW that I didn't post any pictures!! How dare I!! Pictures LATER I promise! And I promise I won't wander off for a year again! Maybe a month here and there, but never a year!  Talk to y'all soon! You're still whining about the pictures?? Geez, ok! Fine! HERE'S *A* picture:
Vixen with her baby boy Aliosius - Kisses!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter at The Nocturnal Enclosure!
       We Giggles visited our friends at the Nocturnal Enclosure for Easter this year, and man oh man was it fun!! So 1st, pictures of the short car ride there... yeah yeah I know, before you get started on how long it's been since I blogged, I'm sorry but you've no idea the mess of things happening with we Giggles. ~> of course, how COULD you when I chose to skip out on blogging?! ANYWAY! 







Silly Zebra

:-) Adorable Zebra

I actually manages to find matching dresses for all 4 girls!! WooHoo! (I'm sure you are thinking, why is she going all supper-happy on us simply because she found matching dresses?!).. well, I'll tell you why! I challenge you to find matching dresses 2 weeks before Easter in sizes ranging from 3 months to misses 10!! I shopped in three different departments to find them! Anyway, enough about the dresses already! I also got matching outfits for the boys too!!! **giggle**

Sugar Glider holding Koala and Zebra

Tortoise! -- hey I didn't know turtles run!

Zebra, Sugar Glider with Koala, and Feathertail Glider (in the purple shirt)


Vixen caught on the egg hunting FAST

Sugar Glider and Koala

Elephant on the left, Vixen up front, Zebra behind the chair,
Feathertail Glider center, Raccoon in pink, and Tortoise way in the back

Vixen, Zebra (and Raccoon with no head)

Mama Roo (me) with Vixen

Big Sisters Tortoise and Zebra

Big Brother Elephant

Feathertail Glider helping Monkey

Brothers Elephant and Monkey

Sugar Glider with Koala
Also at the Easter Party but uncaptured by the camera were Hedgehog & Wombat, Dragonfly, & Lion (who was managing the camera).
     And in a post yet to come, I will unveil the FAMILY PORTRAITS with the girls in their matching dresses and the boys in their matching outfits... they are TOO TERRIFIC! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Coming Singularity

My dear husband recently forwarded an Article from Time magazine on Ray Kurzweil and The Coming Singularity (,8599,2048138,00.html?xid=rss-mostpopular). Talk about some seriously mind-blowing stuff!! I'm not sure how much of it I believe, but Kurzweil is one seriously smart dude and if he and big-brains like him truly think that the coming Artificial Intelligence Boom will change mankind forever, then I guess it's time to re-watch I, Robot and prepare for the massively awesome technological explosion that said big-brains believe will change life forever in this little rock called Earth. 

In 1965, at 16 years old, Ray Kerzweil appeared on the television show I've Got A Secret, where he played a piano piece written by a computer he designed and built. check it out here ( YouTube.WOW in and of itself. 
A that Young Kurzweil could build the computer at all, and 
B that in 1965, 1965!!, a computer wrote NEW original compositions of music- 
AND it wasn't crap either!

Since that time, Kurzweil has written several bestselling books on The Coming Singularity including The Singularity Is Near - available in print and Kindle format.

Frankly, I have little doubt that computers will transcend human intelligence, but I had always assumed that this would happen FAR FAR FAR after I pass from this mortal coil. Kurzweil and the other Big Brains seem to think however that the Singularity is imminent... by 2045... I may very well live to see the day that humans inject their consciences into computers, androids, whatever-the-hell they will be called. And they will! If the technology exists, many many "mere humans" will be quick to shed their mortal bodies for the cold indifferent immortal "flesh" of machine. NOT I! And oh how I hope not any of mine. I sometimes wish I were smarter more intelligent, better able to clearly speak what goes on in the echoing canyon of my skull... maybe then I could convey how very much the thought of the human race consigned to immortality is a frightening prospect.

OK I'm done... read the Time Article... it's fascinatingly frightful.