Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter at The Nocturnal Enclosure!
       We Giggles visited our friends at the Nocturnal Enclosure for Easter this year, and man oh man was it fun!! So 1st, pictures of the short car ride there... yeah yeah I know, before you get started on how long it's been since I blogged, I'm sorry but you've no idea the mess of things happening with we Giggles. ~> of course, how COULD you when I chose to skip out on blogging?! ANYWAY! 







Silly Zebra

:-) Adorable Zebra

I actually manages to find matching dresses for all 4 girls!! WooHoo! (I'm sure you are thinking, why is she going all supper-happy on us simply because she found matching dresses?!).. well, I'll tell you why! I challenge you to find matching dresses 2 weeks before Easter in sizes ranging from 3 months to misses 10!! I shopped in three different departments to find them! Anyway, enough about the dresses already! I also got matching outfits for the boys too!!! **giggle**

Sugar Glider holding Koala and Zebra

Tortoise! -- hey I didn't know turtles run!

Zebra, Sugar Glider with Koala, and Feathertail Glider (in the purple shirt)


Vixen caught on the egg hunting FAST

Sugar Glider and Koala

Elephant on the left, Vixen up front, Zebra behind the chair,
Feathertail Glider center, Raccoon in pink, and Tortoise way in the back

Vixen, Zebra (and Raccoon with no head)

Mama Roo (me) with Vixen

Big Sisters Tortoise and Zebra

Big Brother Elephant

Feathertail Glider helping Monkey

Brothers Elephant and Monkey

Sugar Glider with Koala
Also at the Easter Party but uncaptured by the camera were Hedgehog & Wombat, Dragonfly, & Lion (who was managing the camera).
     And in a post yet to come, I will unveil the FAMILY PORTRAITS with the girls in their matching dresses and the boys in their matching outfits... they are TOO TERRIFIC!