Saturday, October 16, 2010

Things I Love About Having Kids

None of us lack for a hand to hold.
My hands are rarely ever idle.
 I rarely feel Lonely.
So Many Beautiful Pictures!
Knowing that one day those pictures will bring back so many beautiful memories.
 Watching Tortoise and Elephant reading to Zebra, Monkey, and Vixen.
Seeing an older brother or sister helping a younger one without being asked.
Seeing knowledge bloom in their eyes 
and knowing that they just learned something new.
Seeing the world through their eyes.
They make me be a better person, simply by BEING.
Knowing that God trusts me to take care of these little bodies and glowing souls.
Always having someone available to “help” me make cookies 
– and eat them.
How they already love their unborn baby sister.
Never run out of reasons to get a Blizzard.

Christmas! Really, any Holiday! 
They're ever so much more fun with kids!
Listening to them playing happily together puts joy in my heart.

Seeing the joy on their faces when I tell them tales of “when they were little” 
like they’re already all grown up.
Knowing that their kids will enjoy the same stories.
I get to watch Spongebob without feeling like an idiot.
 Getting to swing on the swingset and not look like feel like an idiot.

There’s never a lack of someone who needs, or is willing to give, a hug
Watching my wonderful husband in Daddy-mode. 
Seeing such an amazing display of so many different personalities living together 
and not going crazy
-- there is some debate on whether or not we already ARE crazy though!

All these little people that look somewhat like me but act so very different. 

Holding my newborn baby and realizing that there never has been 
nor ever will there be 
another person quite like the tiny person I have in my arms.
And Knowing that oh-so-very-soon, my newborn won't be a newborn anymore.
The feeling of an unborn baby kicking. 
So many tiny clothes (I really lament this one when it’s time for laundry).
Baby Shoes and socks. They’re SO CUTE 
Bedtime stories

 AND Eventually – GRANDBABIES!! 
and I bet, a whole BUNCH of ‘em too!

Time to Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: Credit to Aunt Penguin aka Aunt Faith for taking all the pictures!! AWESOME job! *I* edited these but on her website are some of these same pictures with HER edits, and she's awesome!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

P90X, Gestational Diabetes, and Meal Plans OH MY!

         My life is getting too complicated. *sigh* had a Pre-Natal checkup with Stork yesterday. I was somewhat expecting another lecture on not drinking enough water, however Stork said we were all go in that department. As a result of NOT (apparently) being dehydrated, I was not throwing ketones anymore, AND my liver enzymes were apparently "not wonky" anymore. YAY ME! However, since I'm now 30 weeks, we decided to test my blood-sugar levels - needless to say, a simple pin-prick and a tiny amount of blood on a test strip can seriously screw up a diet plan. 
           For the last 3 weeks, I have been following (mostly) Lion's P90X Diet - 1 (serving of) carbs, 2 fruits, 4 vegis, 2 dairy, and a freaking TON (his is 8-10 servings, but I was cutting back to between 5-7 servings) of Protein (he also gets 4 snacks which include protein bars and "recovery drinks" which I did not need and simply ignored). In order to keep Lion on HIS diet, I have been working off of a meal plan and cooking his meals in advance so that he would never have to resort to fast food (ie FAT food). I thought that by going on a extremely low-fat and low-carb diet, I would help my chances of not developing gestational diabetes (I had it with Vixen in the last trimester - but not for any of the others). I was seriously bummed when the blood-glucose screening came back with 155. :/ And that was an hour and a half after having had nothing but my (granted heavily sugared and creamered) coffee. Bummer.
       SO! Stork sent me home (after much talk on local politics, Giggle Family News, and the marriage of her son over the previous weekend) with a Blood/Glucose Meter and requested I test my Blood/Glucose Levels (hereafter BGL so I don't have to keep typing it!) first thing in the AM and 2 hours after each meal. Unfortunately, the BGLs I have been getting all day yesterday and today have not been promising. Of course, I haven't changed my diet yet either. All day yesterday, the BGLs stayed above 135. My fasting BGL this morning was 105 (good news there) but it spiked right back up to the 150s after each and every meal today. So apparently, a diet change will be necessary. Google here I come!
      Here is what I have learned: Baby Koala and I *do* need carbs and (can you believe it?!) FATS! Whodathunkit? "It is also helpful to get 45 to 60% of your calories from carbohydrates, 15 to 25% from protein, and 20 to 30% from fat."   :/ I guess the extremely low-carb and no-fat P90X Diet will simply have to be thrown out for me. ARG! That means I must work up *2* different (!!) meal plans! *sigh* what a pain in my backside. ***Mama Roo tells herself: It's Good for you, good for Koala, and Good for Lion, you can do this, you can do this, don't get pissy, you CAN*** So, here goes: this is roughly what I need: link source here

2200 CALORIE SAMPLE MENU A sample of a 2200 calorie gestational diabetic diet is listed below.
Breakfast: 3 carbs (2 breads: 1 cup bran cereal or 1 cup cooked oatmeal and 1 dairy: 1 cup skim milk, 1% milk, or nonfat sugar-free yogurt), 1 ounce meat or protein (like 1/2 cup scrambled egg substitute or lowfat cottage cheese), & 2 fats (like 2 tsp margarine) **I DON'T eat margarine!! - no way no how**
Morning Snack: 1 fruit (1/2 large banana), 1 oz. meat substitute (2 Tbsp peanut butter) - **Peanut Butter and banana?? What Am I Pregnant?**
Lunch: sandwich with: 2 slices whole wheat bread, 2 ounces meat or protein, 1 vegetable (2 lettuce leaves with 2 slices of tomato), & 1 fat (1 tsp mayonnaise or 1 Tbsp salad dressing) PLUS 1 fruit (like 1-1/4 cups fresh strawberries), 1 vegetable (like 1/2 cup vegetable soup or 1 cup carrot sticks), & 1 dairy (like 1 cup sugar-free nonfat yogurt) **that's a lot of freakin food!! - I usually don't eat much for lunch!**
Afternoon snack: 1 starch (like 3 squares (2-1/2 inch) graham crackers
Dinner: 5 carbs (1 lg baked potato or 1 cup pasta, 1 dinner roll, 1 Fruit, 1 dairy), 2 vegetables (1 cup steamed asparagus and 2 cups tossed salad), 3 ounces meat or protein (grilled chicken breast or fish), & 2 fats (1 tsp margarine and 2 Tbsp lowfat salad dressing)
Evening Snack: 1 carb (1 slice whole grain bread, 6 whole wheat crackers), 1 meat or protein (1 ounce lowfat cheese or 1 ounce lowfat ham), & 1 dairy (1 cup skim milk or nonfat sugar-free yogurt)
Totals For The Day: About 2180 calories: carbohydrate about 47% of calories, protein about 23% of calories, & fat about 30% of calories.

I foresee a few small problems with this diet: I don't eat that much food! Maybe without the snacks... but everything I read says that I need to eat between meals to maintain BGLs... don't know if I can eat that much. Also, this food is expensive!! On top of the crazy amounts we are currently spending on Lion's P90X foods, this is just plain lunacy. *sigh* I'll give it a spin and see how it works with what I've got for the week. If the BGLs don't normalize, then I guess Stork and I are gonna have to get together to figure out what to do. And I need to test the paradigm of regular exercise helping to normalize BGLs. I haven't been able to do my Yoga for several days due to getting other necessary things done in the house (laying flooring in the Spare/Craft Room, installing the ballisters  on the kids' room porch, massive amounts of laundry, running errands etc). 

              OH!! Before I forget!! All Photos in this Post were taken and edited by Aunt Penguin!! I gave her discs today so that I can get copies of both the originals and her edits of my maternity pics, and the pics of all by beautiful Giggle's Zoo Babies, so look for an up-and-coming post with all of those pics!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


My Zebra is 5 Years Old!!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to Zebra!!! Happy Birthday to you!!
      I can hardly believe it's been 5 years (and a week - cause I'm slow blogging about the birthday) since I looked like I look now while preggers with Zebra. 5 years ago, I was sitting around thinking.. I can't wait to meet our newest baby. I didn't even know yet if baby was a boy or a girl. We had names all picked out and ready, the baptismal outfits all sewn and ready (one for a boy, and one for a girl). My mom was visiting in preparation for the birth. Elephant and Tortoise were debating on the gender of their new sibling. Tortoise desperately hoping for a sister just like her (she got part of that wish, Zebra was a girl, but nothing like Tortoise - funny how personalities vary so much between siblings - but that's another post for another time), and Elephant loudly proclaiming his need for a brother. 
     And now my Zebra is 5!! We've done the waiting for a new brother/sister drill twice over since then, and are in the process of the third! Life seems to rush past so quickly, with very few moments where you stop and really THINK about how quickly the time flies by. Zebra's 5th Birthday was one of those moments... 5th birthdays always seem to be a moment to pause and reflect. I can't imagine my life without Zebra.  
       Aunt Penguin took pictures of the kids and I yesterday. The above pic of Zebra and I is one of my favorites. Penguin did a great job with the colors! She's been having loads of fun experimenting with photography, Photoshop, and Lightroom; hence my requesting she take maternity pics (I'll include more shots from that "session" on another post). I am oh-so-thrilled that Penguin was able to get this shot!

Happy 5th Birthday My Beautiful Zebra! 
No matter how old you are, you'll always be my little girl.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"11 years of a Dream"

             Thursday was Lion & my 11th Anniversary! Wow, 11 years. Seems like a blink ago we were engaged, in my home state, having the above picture taken. My favorite engagement picture, and so very US, even now. Especially now. 
              In 11 years we've been blissfully happy. Lion has been there for me, for every moment, for every good day, and every bad. He's held my hand through every birth:
We've been God's instruments in bringing 5 beautiful babies into this world 
(and another come December)
Aren't they beautiful?!
                 They are the living proof of our love for each other, and I Thank God and Lion for each and every one of my little Giggle's, for the life growing inside me, and or the love and happiness that Lion gives me each and every day of our lives together. 
              It's not perfect mind you!! He drives me completely nuts sometimes, he throws stuff, kicks furniture, screams, has a fit, or punches walls when he blows his top gets angry at the inadequacies of electronics, or electricity, or whatever he's working on that isn't working right (never seems to lose his cool with people though.. never have figured that one out) which can be scary even though I *know* he'll never hurt any of us... and he has mentioned .... commented .... been frustrated by ... (whatever the right word is!) my inability to accept constructive criticism (or just a casual comment that I take as criticism when it obviously wouldn't have been viewed as such by any reasonable person) without getting ticked .. annoyed ... whatever. I'm sure he wishes I were a better housekeeper, and ... well, I'm sure there's more (!!) but all-in-all these are small frustrations in an overwhelmingly joyful marriage. 
             I am so very glad  ... happy ... elated ... thrilled (having trouble picking the right words today... the word I'm looking for is all of those and ever so much MORE) that Lion chose me, wanted wants me, loves ME, married me! ME! And even after 11 years, he hasn't changed his mind! I'm oh-so-happy I found Lion, love Lion, married Lion, and that we are still making each other so blissfully happy after 11 years!! Here's to 50 more babe! 
I Love You Lion.