Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy One Month Birthday Koala!

My tiny Koala is now a month old! My how the time has flown by...
We went and had professional pics taken of all 6 together just 2 days ago, but alas I do not have them in my hot little hands at this very moment, and I wanted to celebrate her One Month Birthday TODAY (you know ON the day, rather than 2 weeks later *wink*)
so here are some pics *I* took at home of my "little bird" Koala for her 
One Month Birthday
My beautiful baby girl

SUCH an incredibly EASY baby!

See looks at the world with VERY wide eyes as though she thinks she'll miss something!

my calm little sweetheart

in just a few short months she will outgrow
this cute polka-dot blanket Grama Electus got for her ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Giggle Kids Meet Newborn Cousin Caterpillar

We Giggles meet Tiny Baby Caterpillar for the first time!! Of course, our arrival prompts a game of pass the newborns! Caterpillar is an ADORABLE boy with a "Hero Chin" and dimples! :) Mama Platypus was AWESOME and looked fantastic less than 24 hours after his birth. I'm excited to see how well Caterpillar and Koala get along in the future as Ladybug and Monkey were also born less than a month apart and REALLY didn't like each other until very recently... But both Ladybug and Monkey have very forceful personalities and it seems that both Koala and Caterpillar are the opposite... VERY easy babies! Thanks be to the LORD! I needed another easy baby! :D ANYWAY! here are the pics!
Elated Mama Platypus holding my Koala
Proud Papa Mountain Goat
Platypus holding Baby Koala while I have Baby Caterpillar
Tortoise and Vixen in audience
Vixen is captivated by Caterpillar

Pass the Babies!
Platypus and I discuss the joys of childbirth
and the similarities and differences of our new babies
Hello Darlings
HA! I got a decent photo of you Lion!!
Baby Caterpillar seems to be fascinated with you. :)
Vixen LOVES Caterpillar!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Koala! Her Birth and First Weeks

Whew!! I'm not pregnant anymore!! My tiny, adorable, sweet, calm, wide-eyed, beautiful, darling daughter has arrived!! Koala joined our family at 10:04 pm on Tuesday November 30th, 2010. She was a tiny 7 pounds 10 ounces. Not my smallest baby - that was Tortoise at 7 pounds 2 ozs, but MUCH smaller than the other 4! Zebra was a whopping 9/13! - I tell ya! delivering a 7 pounder is easier by far! ;-) She was 21.25 inches and has black hair and DARK clear Blue Eyes. She's gorgeous ~ but I'm not biased or anything!
Lion holding me through a contraction...

             Our 5th Home-Birth went off without a hitch... if you ignore that my Mom Eclectus was unable to make it (oh she tried!! she left my home state Tuesday morning and BOOGIED for 13 hours straight to get here on time, but missed the birth by a scant 2 hours *frown*). And Lemur was sick so was also unable to help as a birth assistant to Stork, but Stork had help in the form of a midwife-in-training (who will not receive a zoo name), who was pretty awesome :)
Me meeting Gorgeous Koala for the first time :)
My Beautiful Koala - just 1 hour old
My Mom Eclectus meets Koala. She is 2 hours old here.
          The next morning, Koala's brothers and sisters got to meet her for the first time....
Here she is!! Your new baby sister!

Vixen is a Big Sister!! And she LOVES it!! ~ I know this picture doesn't LOOK like she loves being a big sister, but she NEVER misses an opportunity to kiss Koala and ALWAYS wants to help by throwing out her diapers. :)
Hello Baby Sister!
Silly Monkey got to hold her "All By Myself!"
Zebra was fascinated by yet another baby sister :)

Biggest Brother Elephant holds Tiniest Sister Koala
Tortoise LOVES her sister on sight!

           Koala's first week was a bit trying as she developed a pretty severe case of newborn jaundice (both Tortoise and Zebra had it as well - both required bili-lights). After 5 days and nights under Stork's Bili-lights (thank God we were able to have them at home!! - unfortunately the lights had the added side-effect of migraines for Mama, but we dealt as best we could. Lion and Grama Eclectus were awesome taking care of me and helping give me a break holding tiny girl for a few hours at a time under the lights. You guys ROCK!)...
Koala under the Bili-lights - the mask is to protect her eyes
Stork finally pronounced her well enough to forgo more lights and get some clothes on :)

  Other happenings the first few weeks...
Koala learns she CAN sleep on her own.
We all marvel at Koala's Itty Bitty Little adorable feet. :)

She gets her First Bath - yes I know my hand is in the way - but you can see her eyes!
Nap Time! ~ Check out that HAIR!
Pretty Profile

First Car Ride ~ yes we went to Walmart :/
Great Grampa Badger Meets Koala
        All-in-all a WONDERFUL 3 weeks!