Thursday, January 27, 2011

Koala's First (recorded) Deliberate Smile!!

Koala is smiling!! 

              Actually, she's smiled since Day 1... seriously!! She HAS! I have pictures to prove it (err... well, *I* don't but Aunt Penguin does... from the morning following her birth). All the silly baby books, and my experiences with her 5 older brothers and sisters, lead me to believe that infants can't - scratch that - don't smile till closer to their 3 month birthday, so... until the last week I was thinking... surely not... she's not really smiling, she's just making faces... not responding to our faces. But sure enough, she smiles when other's smile! AND she's been doing it quite deliberately for several weeks now! AND she's not yet 2 months old! YAY Koala! Anyway! I finally had the camera on-hand when she was in a smiley mood :-D So I'll shut up and post the pictures already! ;-)

"Yes Mama? Is there something I can do for you?"
 Yes my Sweet Little Bird, you can Smile!
"Hmmm... I'll think about it."
 C'mon Sweetie...
"Well, alright."

Isn't her smile just so darn adorable?!
--of course it is ;-)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scrapbooking Mama Roo

My Sweet Little Koala - Just 2.5 Weeks Old
Darling Elephant
Gorgeous Tortoise
Handsome Monkey
Sweet Little Big Sis Vixen
Beautiful Zebra

Friday, January 21, 2011

Scrapbooking Mama Roo

You Know... 
it's absolutely NO FUN 
editing these photos of my scrapbook pages to maintain anonymity. 
-- just so you know! :)

         I haven't scrapbooked much at all in the last 2 years... what with our home addition and well, STUFF... so these are the ONLY pages I've completed in the last 2 years!! And I managed to do them all in the last 2 weeks... yay me!!... of course, since I haven't been actively scrapping I had to use whatever pictures were right on hand... so there's VERY new ones (pics by Aunt Penguin done in the last few months) and VERY old ones (pictures of Tortoise as an infant -- 10 YEARS ago!). Now that I have a Craft Room, I hope to have regular Scrapbooking Mama Roo Posts. :)




Elephant 1st in Series of 3

Elephant 2nd in Series of 3

Elephant 3rd in Series of 3

Tortoise & I when she was only 1 month old.
*sigh* she's SO BIG now

Tortoise as an Infant

My Girls

Big Brother Elephant & Lil Sis Vixen

Me Preggers with Koala

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Newborn Koala

I can hardly believe my darling "Little Bird" Koala isn't a newborn anymore...
one day not very long from now I will look up 
and she'll be walking, talking, 
and eventually gently handing me her own tiny bundle of love in the form of 
my Grandchild. And I will wonder where the time went. 
I hope and pray that I give her all the wonderful memories of childhood I possibly can, and enjoy every minute as many hours of happiness and joy 
in her oh-so-short childhood years as possible... 
and that she always knows how much I love her.

*sigh* enough of that!
She may not be a newborn anymore,
but here are the pictures from when she WAS...
just a few short weeks ago...
LOVE this picture!
:D her hair sticks up all over the place and it's SO adorable!
She's so TINY in my hands...
I wonder if this is what God feel like
(you know...with the world in his hands...)
My precious sleeping darling... and her pretty blanket :)
There's Little Bird's little bird.... ahhh I crack myself up...
but seriously, there the little bird (my favorite of her toys - Olivia the Owl)

Giggles in Pajamas!

Giggles In Pajamas!!
Clockwise from 12 noon:
Vixen, Monkey, Tortoise, Zebra, & Elephant
The Giggle Boys
Elephant and Monkey 

The Giggle Girls
not terribly fond of this picture...
but I'll take what I can get
Tortoise holding Koala, Zebra on the left and Vixen on the right

who was SUPER unhappy that day...





That's all there is for today! :-)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Giggle's Zoo Nursery Unveiled!

Finally done with decorating the Giggle's Zoo Nursery!!
I'm THRILLED with the look! :)

The Crib Set, Crib, and new mattress were ALL gifts from
Grama Eclectus and Grampa Tiger
THANK YOU Mom and Dad!
I blotted out the name on the wall :)
crazy paranoid Mama Roo - I know!
The crib and Koala's adorable toys
I LOVE the new line of Lamaze Toys!
Koala napping
pretty crib bumper!
I hung the matching crib blanket on the wall
cause we could never USE something THAT pretty!
Koala's "Guess How Much I Love You"
first year sticker calendar
the Ladybug on the shelf is actually a nightlight!
a gift from Grama Eclectus and Grampa Tiger!

now about that craft room.... still working there ;)